Hydroponics is a set of techniques for substituting soil. From the Latin, the word hydroponics means "working water". It simply means growing the crops directly in water without soil. Hydroponics allows designing simple and complex structures that foster ideal environmental conditions for producing any kind of herbaceous plant, making full use of any kind of area for large scale productions or home growing activities.

For hydroponic system to work well, nutrient-rich ingredients are need for plant growth into the water. This allows the crops to have exactly what they need readily available without having to search the soil for these fundamental elements.

Growing hydroponically also means the ability of regulating all of the nutrients the crops receive including other micro-nutrients necessary for healthy growth. Hydroponics further allows us to easily test and control a healthy nutrient balance. Through hydroponic gardening, the growth rate is much higher than that of soil-based growth.

Mirakhl invented the hydroponic system named CUBE for mass production of vegetables notably the garlic sprouts in an industrialized scale

The CUBE Hydroponic System can be configured as different types of systems. The deep eater culture knows as the reservoir method is the low cost implementation allow the roots to suspended in the nutrient solution.

Our hybrid system is built upon multiple technologies which has the controlled grow light system, the aeration system oxygenating the nutrient solution, as well as the algae prevention mechanism.

We are also in the process of bringing more innovations into the CUBE and designing nutrient film technique based system, ebb & flow system and aeroponics system such that the CUBE Hydroponic System can be used for a wider range of crops as an effective mass prodution line.

Mirakhl invented CUDO, a hydroponic system for home growing use. We are implementing the advanced IoT version of CUDO, as a pioneer of hydroponic home growing for organic food and medical herbs, entering the fields of smart home and connected living.

The ease of use is the key feature: easy to set up and easy to grow the crops with the optimal growing conditions for the crops.

We offer a variety of models: the base model for beginner to start to enjoy hydroponics, the motorized model with the pump for multiple functionalities, the IoT version which allows the CUBE to be fully automated and connected to other smart devices or to the smart home hub as an integrated smart device.

The docking stations allow multiple CUBEs to be used in different conifigations.

The accessories such as enclosures with climate control are also provided.

Hydroponic growing requires complete and effective nutrient solutions supplying crops with everything needed for strong growth and maximum yields. Nutrient solutions must be scientifically formulated products for all around nutrition as well as treating specific deficiencies.

Mirakhl acquired a set of advanced technologies composed of scientific researches and experimental results from the Japanese partner company, the methodology not only for year-round non stopping garlic germination and growth, but also for all other crops to grow in a healthy and productive way.