The Company

A message from our founding CEO of the company Jungsun Kim: "In Mirakhl, we create, we heal the world, we improve people’s life!"

Mirakhl is a multinational startup company providing products and solutions for hydroponic farming including mass productions and home growing technologies, nutraceuticals and medical supplements, smart home and connected living technologies

Mirakhl invented the hydroponic system named CUBE for mass production of vegetables notably the garlic sprouts in an industrialized scale

Mirakhl invented CUDO, a hydroponic system for home growing use. We are implementing the advanced IoT version of CUDO, as a pioneer of hydroponic home growing for organic food and medical herbs, entering the fields of smart home and connected living.

Mirakhl acquired a set of advanced technologies composed of the scientific researches and experimental results, the methodology for year-round non stopping crop growing especially garlics from the Japanese partner company.

The company has also developed proprietary garlic sprout extract drinks, available on the Korean market.

In terms of the company's leadership team, our experienced officers represent the management and technical strengths and diversity of our company in both Korea and US.